1st Shieldhill Brownies




More Photos of the Butterfly Garden charting its progress right up to the present day added 27/06/18 - 46 in total.


Fun in the garden


Love our new garden and mosaic


Toasted marshmallows


Graeme constructs roof for bug hotel




Brownie Sausage Sizzle







Excellently cooked


Community volunteers Carole and Nicola



Liz starts work on the hedge



Our young volunteers Alison and Harris



Harris our wee supervisor



Team work


Family at work


Our volunteers Laura and April



Supervisor Harris takes his job seriously


Barbara and Sandy help with the hedge trimming



Good work hedge trimmers



Our community volunteers


Harris our wee star gardener


All hard at work


Nearly there!



A job well done Liz Barbara and Sandy



Laura April and Alison tackle those pesky weeds


All finished and time for lunch



Removing the old balustrade



Old balustrade removal



Progress of new balustrade



Installation begins



The balustrade system



Preparation for handrails



Our new balustrade



Our new balustrade 2



Testing the balustrade while looking for the Kelpies




SJS working on the tricky handrails




Tillie was a bit of a distraction



SJS working on the tricky handrails 2



Precision work




SJS team work



Supervising construction


Removing old handrail post




Our new handrails



Our new handrails 2


SJS tidy up the decking area



Can you spot our hedgehog highways



Final set of handrails



Tillie makes good use of the facilities









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