The Power of Faith

God has given us many gifts and talents, but probably the most powerful one of all is faith. It is such a powerful virtue that it can sometimes almost literally move mountains and give an ordinary man or woman almost superhuman powers if they want to achieve their goal. Faith isn't only applied in a religious sense. It appears in all sorts of situations. We have faith in the surgeon who is going to carry out an operation that will save our lives. We have faith in the pilot who is flying the aeroplane to get us safely to our destination on the other side of the world. We even have faith in our favourite football team and rigorously support them come rain or shine - even if they lose!


In other words, faith all boils down to trust. We trust the pilot or the surgeon because, not only are they very skilled and thoroughly trained, but like all human beings, they know the value of human life and of course, will do their utmost to preserve it. This applies though to all walks of life and professions. Just stop and think how many times you have the faith to entrust your life to people you don't even know. The bus driver or train driver who makes sure you get to work. The taxi driver who takes you home. These are all highly skilled people in their own professions who make sure you arrive safely. The list could go on and on.


Therefore, as you can see from the examples above, we use the power of faith every day of our lives, without sometimes even being aware that we are doing it. It is a virtue that all humans share and take absolutely for granted. We all tend to have faith in each other. So you may ask the question, why is it that although most people will automatically put their faith or trust in each other, why doesn't everyone have faith in the Lord Jesus?


The answer to this, I believe, is because Jesus is unseen. After all, we can go into the doctor or surgeon's office and see their degrees or diplomas. We can see the pilot or bus driver and we know they are definitely there. But with Jesus, a little more faith is needed. This is faith in the true sense of the word. We need to go that extra mile where faith is concerned, in order to put our trust in the Lord, as we cannot see him.


However, this is the most wonderful thing that a man woman or child can do - to put their trust in the Lord - as it is a gesture of true faith and trust. We may not be able to see Jesus, but we can certainly feel him. How many people have prayed and felt his comforting love surrounding them? The number runs into millions. How often have you prayed to Jesus at a time of great danger or crisis, even if you are not normally a religious person? Probably almost all of us at sometime. As a result, it must be said that most people do have a small inkling of faith within them and at least want to put their trust in the Lord, even if they only turn to him at times of trouble.


There are of course, two sources where we can find out enough about Jesus to put our faith in him and that is, of course, at church, or by reading the Bible. In the Bible especially, we will find many examples of people who have put their faith in the Lord. This ranges from the poor widow woman offering her two copper coins in Luke chapter 21, to the most powerful members of society. An example of outstanding faith comes from Luke, Chapter 7,verses 1-10. It is my personal favourite, where Jesus heals the servant of a Roman officer.


Jesus was visiting a town called Capernaum on the shore of the Sea of Galilee . There was a Roman officer who lived there and he had a servant, who was very faithful to him. As a result, the Roman officer was very pleased with all that this man had done for him. However, this servant was now very ill and it was almost certain that he was going to die. This Roman officer was friendly with some Jewish elders and he sent them to Jesus to plead with him to come and save the servant. The Jewish elders were glad to do this because the Roman officer was very fond of the Jewish people and had even built a synagogue for them. Jesus, of course, agreed to go with them to the officer's house. As they were nearing the house, the officer sent some friends out to meet Jesus with the message,


“Sir, don't trouble yourself. I do not deserve your help. I do not deserve to have you come into my house, neither do I consider myself worthy to come to you in person. Just give the order, and my servant will get well.”

(Luke 21 verses 6-7.)


You can imagine Jesus' reaction. Here was a man, who was used to giving orders and getting things carried out for him. Yet he did not feel worthy of even being in the Lord's presence. He also had such faith in the Lord, that he knew Jesus only had to give the command and his servant would be healed. You can guess what happened next. Not only did Jesus heal the servant, but he said to the crowd who were following him.


“I tell you, I have never found faith like this, not even in Israel !”


This is a wonderful illustration on what faith in Jesus can do. I urge you if you haven't already done so, please go that extra mile with your faith. Put your trust in the Lord. Trust him to do what is right with you. It is a decision you will never regret.


Below, is a prayer that may help you to put your faith in the Lord Jesus.




A Prayer of Faith


Dear Lord I have already seen in my life that faith

is a wonderful virtue you have graciously given us.

Everyday I put my faith in my fellow man and woman

as they do things to help me. I also trust many of them

with my life, as they drive me to work or save my life

on the operating table when I am sick or injured.


Loving God, please teach me to entrust the same faith

in yourself through your Son, the Lord Jesus.

May I entrust him with my life and my soul, knowing

that he will always be there to watch over me with

his divine love and wisdom. May he always

protect me when I need his comfort and support .


I ask that my faith be built upon and enriched

as I get to know Jesus better and witness the

wonderful miracle of faith, with the love and

heavenly comfort that a faith in our Lord provides.

May I build upon this corner stone of faith, which

I have been graciously gifted and grow in the Lord.


These things I ask in Jesus' name,





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