Easter Sunday 2011



In this service the children interacted with the church members during the service as they explained the symbols relating to the Passion Stations.





Silver Coins as in the 30 pieces that were paid to Judas to betray Jesus.


The purple Robe - Jesus stripped of his clothes is forced to wear a purple robe stripped of his dignity and treated with contempt.


Rose petals and Thorns as in the Crown of Thorns which depict the physical and verbal abuse that Jesus was subjected to.


Wood depicted by the simple cross and yet a Symbol of Faith.


Stone - signifying the emotional journey the woman had from the time Jesus entered Jerusalem to their visit to the empty tomb.


White Cloth - the stone is rolled back, the body is gone and the burial clothes are left behind. Jesus had defeated even death itself, he had Risen.


The following photos show members of the Congregation visiting the different Stations












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